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💫Our Winter Wonderland Igloos are here! ☃️ ⁣⁣


Reservations can be made by calling ⁣⁣

774-501-2003 or 774-501-2074 during business hours  ☎️ ⁣⁣


❄️ Reservations are required.⁣⁣

❄️ While the igloos are heated, we recommend to dress accordingly as this is an outdoor experience.⁣⁣

❄️ Igloos can hold up to 8 people max.⁣⁣

❄️ A $50 non refundable fee that does not apply towards your bill is required upon making the reservation.⁣⁣

 (Used towards our charity of the Month)⁣⁣

❄️ 1/2 price non refundable fee on Monday and Tuesdays (only $25)! 

❄️ A $100 minimum is required for parties of 4 and under.⁣⁣


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