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Our Mission

  Our purpose at Riverhouse is to serve our community using local ingredients to produce one of the best restaurant experiences in the area. Giving back and supporting local charities in the city we grew up in is something we are dedicated to. Our mission is to grow and become a leader in our community. The New Weir Village.

Historic Weir Village

The Weir started as a social and economic center even before the arrival of English settlers, when Native American tribes called the area “Cohannet” and erected “weirs” in the river to trap herring, thus inspiring the “Weir Village” name. Once the industrial center of the city, companies like The Weir Stove Company and later, F.B. Rogers and Bacon Felt help drive Taunton's economy.

Indoor & Outdoor dining is first come , first serve for parties under 6 people.
Reservations can be made for parties of 6 or
more by giving us a call during business hours

(774)-501-2003 or (774)-501-2074 
Any questions please reach out to us via phone or email

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